Monday, February 7, 2011

Thanko USB pen camera

Clearly Thanko is spirited in the Inspector Gadget or Sherlock Holmes. The truth is that after launching the tie with built in camera, it's the turn of the pen. As you read it: it has launched a video camera pen spy, perfect for capturing those moments when you do not want anyone to see, and be recorded in your computer.

Espionage seems to be his forte, and they have been demonstrated. The Thanko Japanese surprise us again with this pen called "Video Super slim pen." Very thin pen, which also has a length of 14 centimeters. But beyond their physical characteristics, what interests us most is your camera.

With it you can shoot all how much you want, since its internal memory is 2 GB. But if you think this little, until you can extend the memory, adding a MicroSD card and supports up to 8GB of expandable memory. For connection also has a built-and very sneaky-USB port, compatible with Windows XP and Windows Vista.

As for your battery, is charged with being connected only for about 40 minutes, which will load enough to record about three hours of video. As these videos have a resolution of 736 x 576 and are recorded in AVI format. But if you also want to keep shooting pictures, so you can do and have a resolution of 1280 x 960 JPEG format, excellent quality.

The suggested retail price around 70 euros, quite affordable if one considers the technology of this gadget and originality.

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