Monday, February 7, 2011

S7 Slim Huawei is positioned to the 2011 MWC

It may seem that the trot is occurring prior to the MWC 2011 is a full-fledged órdago, but the occasion merits. Besides this great phones for 2011, the tablets with Android will take this year's fair in Barcelona with all of the law. And this year it seems that manufacturers have liked it to make us suffer by giving us details with a dropper.

Eg Huawei has decided to hang in your Flickr account the first pictures of its new tablet with Huawei Android S7 Slim. The model may sound like, is not in vain is the model that we saw last year but that they made a successful facelift that logically expect to accompany the latest version of Android or at least the penultimate, with personalization included brand.

This tablet Huawei S7 Slim 7-inch screen will hopefully also have improved screen resolution to get past the 800 × 480 from the previous model and approach to a more acceptable 1024 x 600 pixels, which no doubt will happen. Other features not know any details, but do not expect to be a tablet but a rich range of input because it is expected that the price does not exceed $ 300, and Xoom such as Motorola are already talking about that is for the 800.

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