Thursday, February 17, 2011

Canada reporting a cyber attack from China

The Canadian authorities have alleged they were victims of a cyber attack from machines installed in China. According to some reports, the attackers took control of the password system of the Ministry of Finance in January. The authorities have acknowledged the existence of "an unauthorized attempt to access our network." Input, the computer system responsible parties restricted access to the network of ministry officials.

Although machines were used in Chinese territory, there is no assurance that the attackers were of that nationality or simply used remotely. The private broadcaster CTV says it is pirated by the Chinese government employees, but the security service and Canadian (SCRS) has advised the authorities attributed to the Chinese administration of the attack origin.

Is not excluded that other ministries have been the victims of these bombers. Last week came a report that major energy companies had been victims of intrusions from China. In January last year, Google reported a cyber attack with the same origin. Chinese officials then rushed to deny any responsibility for them.

Goggle, following this episode, increased the safety of its mail service Gmail. This attack and pressure the regime in Beijing censorship concdujo the company to shift its search service in China to a new site in Hong Kong.

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