Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Arcep: Brussels threatens Paris to launch an infringement procedure

The European Commission has threatened, Tuesday, February 8, France proceedings for infringement of EU law if it persists in wanting to appoint a government commissioner in the national telecoms regulator (Arcep). The French project poses two problems for the Commission. She believes that regulators in the telecommunications sector in Europe should be completely independent and impartial, which is contradictory to his eyes with an appointment under a government commissioner in Arcep.

Brussels is also concerned about the risk that France Telecom profit through the government commissioner in Arcep, confidential information about its competitors. "If ever we can not avoid adopting this Thursday (the controversial proposal), of course, an infringement procedure remains an option for Brussels, responsible for ensuring compliance with EU treaties, said the spokesman of the Commission handling the case, Jonathan Todd.

"If a Member State is in breach of this is usually done," he added, referring to the opening of proceedings, which may ultimately lead to referral to the Court of Justice. SENATE TO VOTE Thursday he regretted that the French government has so far not responded to the criticisms expressed in writing by the Commissioner Neelie Kroes, responsible for telecommunications.

"It almost seems that the French authorities turn a deaf ear to our concerns," he said. The provision is subject to an amendment to legislation discussed by French parliamentarians to adapt national law to a new directive (law) in Europe. A Senate vote is expected Thursday.

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