Tuesday, February 8, 2011

LightRadio, future and tiny Alcatel phone antennas

Their buckets LightRadio are turning the world so it could make to achieve broad connectivity in rural areas. This small cube try to forget and banish stations and mobile masts we know today. Obviously you're wondering if one of these cubes with LightRadio be able to offer the same coverage as a mammoth existing antenna.

No, at least for now will be configured sets of these cubes to get to the same extent, but nevertheless involves a reduction in visual impact and above all, consumption and CO2 emissions to the atmosphere. Operators such as Orange, Verizon and China Mobile are already working with them and offer 2 and 3G connectivity, moving to 4G in the future.

If in rural areas is uncertain about his performance, in denser urban areas coverage can be improved with this technology and operators may stop complaining about the increased consumption of bandwidth enabled by the new smart phones and traffic data.

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