Tuesday, February 8, 2011

D-Link expands its family of devices to 500Mbps powerline

D-Link already had a wide range of Powerline devices to take our home network through the mains. Now the company a little more wide range with the launch of the Home Plug AV500 series. The main difference with previous models is that the transfer rate is extended to the theoretical 500Mbps (Ethernet 10/100/1000) to service video transfer services and heavy game.

The range consists of the DHP-500AV and DHP-500AV1. The second, in fact, is a two-adapter kit DHP-500AV. The new device has a button to encrypt the signal under 128-bit AES, is compatible with other brand products, and also has the technology D-Link Green to enter Standby (1 watt of consumption) when not used.

It was unclear pricing or launch dates. Official Site | D-Link

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