Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Social networks have overtaken the United States mails

Among American adolescents and the mail is falling out of love. A study by Comscore, attendance electronic messaging fell from 59% among Americans aged 12-17 years between December 2009 and December 2010, when it rose 28% in those over 65 on the same period. The statement last November by Mark Zuckerberg - the creator of Facebook - that "the students no longer use email, but SMS and instant messages", seems to confirm the figures.

Because if teenagers shun the mall, they spend much more time on social networks, including Facebook, the image of all U.S. Internet users. Attendance inboxes has decreased by 8% in one year, and from May 2010, while their devoted Americans has been exceeded for the first time he spent on social networks.

Similarly, from August 2010, the time spent on social networks was higher than that spent on the services of Google or Yahoo. Now, 12.3% of the time spent online by Americans is dedicated to Facebook, against 7.2% in 2009, an average of twenty-five minutes a day. Attendance at the social network was also slightly younger in one year.

The proportion of 12-17 year-olds increased by 1.2 points in one year (11.1% of visitors), while the share of 35-54 year olds fell by 3.6 points (35.4% of visitors) . SUPREMACY OF FACEBOOK TO THE UNITED STATES AND FRANCE According to Comscore, nine in ten Americans traveling at least once a month on a social network, for a cumulative period average of four hours and thirty minutes.

"It is now accepted that social networks have become an integral part of the convenience of the Internet," notes the study. Movement mainly printed by the Americans, who spend more time than Americans on social networks (16% of the time against 12% for men), and have adopted these new practices so much faster (up by 4, 5 points in one year against 2.9 points for men).

Unsurprisingly, it's Facebook, which became the lion's share with 159 million U.S. visitors in December 2010, an increase of 38% in one year. "Three out of ten Internet sessions include a visit to this site," the study says. Far behind, MySpace has seen its audience drop by 27% with 50 million unique visitors in December 2010, more worryingly, the time spent on this social network has been halved in a year.

Twitter meanwhile rose by 18% with 23.6 million visitors in December 2010, a figure that does not include visits via third party applications like Tweetdeck or access via mobile devices. Last January, Comscore had also published a study on attendance by the French social networks for the month of December 2010, with fairly similar results.

More than eight out of ten French Internet users have accessed at least once a month on social networking, 70% just for Facebook, with four hours and fifteen minutes of cumulative average connections per visitor. In second place ranks Skyrock, with 10 million unique visitors - 37 million for Facebook cons - and airtime for the month of thirty-nine minutes.

Twitter is ranked last, behind Windows Live, Buddies before or Viadeo, with 2 million unique visitors and an average connection time of seven minutes per month.

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