Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Gift ideas for Valentine's Day: Five gadgets for music lovers

In all events imported synthetic machinery of U.S. consumption, Valentine is probably the most shrill and the most up passions, both pro and con. Although we do not particularly like the invasion of items with roses and hearts, we do not want to create a marital problem, so we've compiled a selection of gadgets designed for music lovers.

Our first proposal is the music player Logitech Squeezebox Streaming Touch. This is a small device with touchscreen and tablet appearance that serves to centralize all house music via WiFi network. The system is able to synchronize Squeezebox with all kinds of multimedia libraries such as iTunes or Spotify.

It also supports online music content from Internet radio stations like Pandora or Rhapsody. Other than music with wireless home, the device also has USB port and SD card slot. Although its 4.3-inch screen is touch-sensitive, can also be operated conveniently from your remote control. The Logitech Squeezebox Touch does not have its own speakers, but is thought to be connected to other music equipment that we already have at home.

Its price, though, is the category 'best gift. " Can be purchased for $ 299 on Logitech's website and it takes two or three days to arrive. We can not make an example of musical gifts without recommending some good headphones. Howsoever this technology segment is huge, we will limit ourselves to a headset for around 100 euros, the Sennheiser HD518, which in some online stores can be found for prices around 80 or 90 euros.

The Sennheiser HD518 is a circumaural a bit bulky (weighing 225 grams) but they offer great sound with its acoustic refinement EAR technology and its frequency response from 14 to 26000 Hz with a generous three-meter cable and 6.3 mm connection Jack adapter 3.5, the Sennheiser HD518 are more designed for listening to music at home, which does not mean they can also be a valuable ally for any music player pocket.

If what you seek is a headphone pocket, a good option is to visit one of the Sony models. For between from 40 euros you can do with a very acceptable quality intraatrial and colors for every taste. An example is the Sony MDR-XB40EX. Dynamic response is 4 - 24000Hz and feature a bass boost of 13.5 mm that will delight fans of dance music.

The MDR-XB40EX not far from the only Sony's recommended headphones. From 50 euros we can get to internal and external basic models that already incorporate noise cancellation system as MDR-NC7 or MDR-NC33. Japan is not a bad choice for mid-range headphones that we do not shoot the budget.

Leaving the complex world of headphones, we recommend a pocket music player. Besides the iPod range, which is already a classic in this segment, there are other interesting proposals in this regard. Our choice is the Samsung Galaxy Player 50. Failing to reach the musical version of the Samsung S Galaxy, the Galaxy Player 50 is a good media player with Android operating system that is also capable of virtually the same functionality as a smartphone unless, of course, talking on the phone .

Equipped with WiFi Internet access, a 3.2-inch screen, GPS and 8GB of internal memory expandable via MicroSD cards another 32, the Galaxy Player 50 is an excellent alternative for those who want an audio and full video and many extras. Its price is 169 euros. We close the list with a recommendation for home audio systems.

Leaving aside the stratospheric price HiFi equipment, any device in the middle-high and puts us in the 500 or 600 euros. The basis for iPod mini with Yamaha MCR-550, the wireless speaker system Creative ZiiSound T6, or audio system Philips MCi-900 are great choices but, we fear, quite expensive for most.

So we opted for the Logitech S351i, a base for your iPod or other portable players for about 90 euros, offers up to 20 hours of battery life without wires. The S315i integrates eight Logitech speakers sound pretty decent given its size. Apart from the dock for iPhone or iPod, the device also has audio input 3.5 mm for other players.

With this we close this special gift to couple in love ... music.

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