Tuesday, February 8, 2011

IronKey, a steel pendrive

With complete security, Secomdata has launched in Spain a new USB product with a view to the information it has, has no danger of being lost. This is the new "IronKey", a device that uses encrypted data technology and software made by military certification. With this technology we are facing one of the data storage devices safest in the world, as well as physically tough it is in their internal system.

This means that if someone tries to tamper with, open, or break the memory, internal chips will be destroyed automatically. But that's not all, since this is a smart memory. If it detects that it is being forced or being in an environment of threat, self destructive, which means that all the content you have, will be deleted.

This deletion process is recommended by the NSA (National Security Agency, National Security Agency, United States), which also has the Silver Bullet service, a service that also will surprise you. It gives the user the ability to extend the control, allowing you to disable the entire contents of your flash drive remotely.

A useful tool for those who manage large and substantial flows of information, while the content they store their emails or talk on the phone. Everything is under control with the new "IronKey" a steel pen drive.

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