Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A former Swedish prosecutor's key witness in defense of Julian Assange

On the second day of the hearing to decide whether to extradite Julian Assange of Great Britain to Sweden, where he is suspected of rape and sexual assault, defense co-founder of Wikileaks has involved a witness Key: former prosecutor Sven-Erik Stockholm Alhem. Mr. Alhem, summoned as an expert for the defense, has defended one of the main arguments of the lawyers for Mr.

Assange, who believe that, before starting a European extradition proceedings, the prosecutor in charge of the Swedish folder should have sought to question Mr. Assange to the Swedish Embassy or by teleconference. "In my opinion, [the Attorney Ny] should have ensured that Mr Assange had the opportunity to give its detailed version of the facts" before launching extradition proceedings, said the former prosecutor.

Alhem says there was no reason why Julian Assange can not be questioned in Britain. The representative of the prosecution had said earlier in the day that several attempts were made to interview Mr. Assange before he left Sweden, but he remained unreachable. Discretion related to "death threats" received by Mr.

Assange mid-September, said the defense. Mr Assange, which provoked the fury of the United States by publishing thousands of military documents and diplomatic cables U.S., is accused by two Swedes of sexual violence. He denies the facts, and refused his extradition to Sweden, where he argues that the requirements of a fair trial are not met, he believes that the Swedish court acts on orders from the U.S.


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