Tuesday, February 8, 2011

HTC wants a piece of OnLive, games in the cloud to your phones and tablets?

I guess the most or the least heard of OnLive, an online game service in which we have the terminals and peripherals, while the processing power and games found on servers. On this day we found out that HTC wants to invest $ 40 million in the company. This investment comes after meeting a few days ago that the Taiwanese had also got shares in the English Saffron Digital, a company specializing in serving multimedia content in the cloud and mobile devices.

In short, two investments cut from the same cloth. Curious the way it takes a relatively young company and growing as HTC, which began developing hardware for others, then becoming standard operating systems such as Windows Mobile and Android, moving to develop its own software. With the last walk is engaged in creating their own services based on the cloud (HTC Sense.

Com), and now it seems that the gaming business attract as much attention to HTC as they have the leading companies in mobile industry : Returning to the idea that brings under one arm OnLive, committed without a powerful hardware device, in which the point is a good connection to play in terms of what is running on servers.

May make sense for HTC wants to pull down this road to turn their mobile entertainment devices and tablets. Although the system has just begun, and success is not a verifiable fact OnLive currently has agreements with major distributors of the video game industry as Atari, Ubisoft, Take-Two, THQ, and Eidos Interactive.

HTC next week will report more about these investments and the intentions you have with them, so the Mobile World Congress, HTC presents interesting from the point of view of services. In a world as competitive as the Smartpthones and from now on the tablets, the added value and differentiation from other proposals is something HTC has very clear for a long time, so we expect quite the buzz news on this relationship.

Taking the theme a little further, HTC in the past expressed its intention to carry Sense beyond mobile devices, so I'm not surprised that his final goal also has to do with the living room, and the devices laptops are becoming less complex to connect to large screens. Track | Digitimes.

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