Tuesday, February 8, 2011

FinePix X100, ready for you if you have $ 1,000

One of the cameras ever enters the market view is the FinePix X100 model we already knew all the details but returns to the fray with its imminent exit the market at a price of 1,000 euros in Spain before the end of the March. The FinePix X100 puts its full potential in the combination of technology and retro design that love at first sight.

The strengths of this camera FujiFilm FinePix X100 is its 12-megapixel APS sensor combined with the fixed target of 23 mm and brightness f2, and of course the hybrid display. The camera combines optical viewfinder window type bright frame of medium format cameras or 35 mm, but also have a viewfinder typical of recent cameras without a mirror.

When we are using the optical viewfinder mode have the image brightness is adjusted automatically according to the scene and information about the shooting, which is updated continuously based on the adjustments that we made. Regarding the electronic viewfinder mode, relies on an LCD screen of almost one and half million pixels and almost 0.5 inches.

There are also 2.8-inch TFT screen. Can not give you many want to take it into their hands if only for a short time?

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