Wednesday, February 16, 2011

ESA: Italians among the first to hack the game

A recent indaggine conducted by ESA Entertainment Software Association, has made some very interesting data about the piracy of video games on the internet, have emerged from this analysis five nations, including Italy, which together hold the record with 54% piracy. The nations complained of not taking appropriate measures to protect copyrights are Italy, China, Brazil, Spain and France.

Moreover, these channels do not provide sufficient producers have to sell products bow. Connections to the world that are involved in illegal file sharing of video games are more than 144 million and about 78 million of these are traceable in the five countries mentioned above, a number five times greater than that attributed to U.S.

users. Contributing to increasing piracy also special cartridges that allow the use of illegal software, still readily available despite the measures taken recently. As for Italy in particular, the ESA said that "the government seems to have recognized the seriousness of the problem and started a formal consultation to discuss potential remedies"

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