Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Jeopardy"-duel: Watson LSST look Quiz-old Knig

The human face a serious setback: In the second "Jeopardy" quiz round was supercomputer Watson his opponents of flesh and blood behind you. His opponents now have one last chance to catch the giant projection of the IBM machine. This time, Watson had supercomputer his human opponents little chance.

The result of the second round of "Jeopardy" in the special version of man against machine could hardly be clearer: $ 35,754 had the computer at the end of the broadcast Tuesday night on his quiz Account. The "Jeopardy" champion Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter - both have earned Series appearances in the show millions of dollars - came up with totals of 10,000 and 4,800 dollars.

In the previous Monday night broadcast first quiz-round, the people had against the artificial intelligence still performed well: At least Rutter was at the end with Watson at $ 5,000 par, Jennings was only to 2000. But the distance is clear - and it is questionable whether the representative of mankind in this quiz battle in the upcoming final round yet to seriously lost ground.

Watson saved once more personal touch in all his answers remained in the matter and entertained the audience first and foremost with his strange precise fomulierten money stakes. When he came to a "Daily Double" field that allows the player to use a sum that he can double or lose, Watson was exactly $ 6,435.

The audience that caused a laugh. Airport mishap of the question was out of step with the computer, however, a task that had many Americans from the state to answer. It was about cities in the U.S., and the information related to the airports of the city looking for: one for a hero of World War II was called, one after a battle out of this world war.

The correct question - in "Jeopardy", the answers are formulated in question form - would have been "What is Chicago?". The main airport O'Hare is named after a fighter pilot, the second Midway Airport after a Pacific atoll to the provided the Americans and Japanese in 1942 a fierce battle.

For every U.S. student with the basic course in history probably a solvable task. Watson but verstolperte and finally advised, "What is Toronto?" But Canada's largest city was not known, meant. IBM researcher David Ferrucci interpreted the wrong answer still hesitant positive: Watson had acted correctly because he knew not the answer simple.

In this round, candidates must inevitably answer. Watson's confidence in his tip had been just 30 percent, he "had been very uncertain - and that he was indeed quite correct. Now it goes on: The showdown between Rutter, Jennings and Watson will be broadcast on Wednesday evening U.S. time.

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